B. 1973 Caracas, Venezuela

Initially trained as Aeronautical Engineer, Claudio Marcotulli received his B.F.A from Emerson College in Boston and M.F.A from the Miami International University of Art and Design in 2005. Since then his films has been exhibited internationally and have received support from South Florida PBS Filmmaker Project, FUNDarte and The Awesome Foundation.

His performance-driven film and video artworks explore surreal and existential ideas, absurdity and ludicrous characters, engaging in distorted narratives and dream-like imagery.

His projects have been commissioned by Miami Performance International Festival and MDC Live Arts. He has co-produced award-winning collaborative works with Miami-based choreographers and his work has been featured in publications including The Open Space Magazine and El Nuevo Herald.

Commissioned by MDC Live Arts as part of his artist residency, Marcotulli premiered ‘Blasting Pixels’, his first immersive multi-media performance commissioned by on February, 2019.

contact: c_marcotulli@hotmail.com