Zenú, 2018

Short Film (20’) Writer-Director-Performer

Seeking his muse, a troubled musician canoes deep into a lush river, entering a world of uncanny characters that takes over his life.

Writer-Director-Performer: Claudio Marcotulli

Producer: Roxana Barba

Executive Producer: Hernando Garcia

Cinematographer: Pedro Guevara

Original Score: Jorge Gomez Abrante

Editor: Claudio Marcotulli

Cast: Ika Santamaria, Roxana Barba
Guest Performers: GodoyPradera Projects; Lazaro Godoy and Carlota Pradera 

With the support of: The Awesome Foundation, Theeye Film Productions, Casa de los Trucos, Prop Planet, MDC Live Arts, Heiga Studios, Miami Film Development Project and PBS South Florida Filmmaker Project.


Katra Film Series, New York

Thessaloniki Cinedance International, Greece (Semi-Finalist)

Miami short Film Festival (Semi-Finalist)

Incorto Film Festival, Mexico 

National Endowment for the Arts-funded South Florida PBS Filmmaker Project

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